vital map representation showing decrease


Felix Quigley writes…Almost all of the Spanish youth, roughly 16 to 20 years old, were very aware of the danger of The Iberian Lynx becoming extinct. They felt deeply about it. But they were also lacking in vital knowledge about what was happening.


Yesterday I paid a visit to a Spanish City and spoke to some youth about the Iberian Lynx which has been threatened with extinction for at least about 50 years and is hanging on due to some fantastic help from really good people in Donana National Park.


These youth in Spain all showed that they areĀ  extremely interested. Of course we in The Young Socialists cover every aspect of politics and not only or solely The Iberian Lynx. This latter point is very important to understand. We cannot simply in this world of capitalist system crisis and chaos deal with only one issue no matter how important, and the future of The Iberian Lynx is so important.


But interest is not enough. Nor is eagerness to learn and struggle enough either. It is also necessary to have knowledge and here many children and teenagers are being kept in ignorance. This is why is needed The Young Socialists of our movement which will discuss and eventually provide an answer and a solution to all questions.


In my talk to the youth of Spain I showed three pictures as visual aid. The first picture was very sad. It showed a dead lynx, or “lince” as they say in Spanish, bleeding from the mouth, lying on a road knoocked down by a speeding car as it tried to cross a road. The second Picture I had was a photo taken of some Spanish hunters having killed six foxes and displayed along with these foxes was one Iberian Lynx. As the hunters smiled this was a very sad picture. It happened during the “hunting period” of the Franco era when there was open season on all wild animals of the campo.


These two pictures were most serious and sad. But it was the third picture I showed which is the real knowledge how the lynx is becoming extinct. This picture showed the decrease in map form from 1900 to 1980 and into very recent years. It is here…








vital map representation showing decrease


There is only one real answer to what this map shows. It is the losing of habitat to the wild animal as capitalist agriculture invades


The Iberian Lynx will go instinct if that is not solved


Can you consider setting up a branch of The Young Socialists in your own situation and we will help you by means of these articles.




It requires revolution, to take the power from the capitalist class, and place that power in a Revolutionary Workers of Spain Government


It also involves Portugal. There needs to be a corridor of a certain width, perhaps 150 miles wide, which runs from the area of Donana National Park, up through the Cork Tree Area (Cork is no longer needed for wine) and until this sufficient “corridor for wildlife” reaches to the Atlantic in the very north of Spain and Portugal. This is the area for wildlife. Farming of any kind is not allowed. The only exception to that rule is some crops grown by man for use by The Wild Mediterranean Rabbit to help that creature increase in numbers.


This area will be guarded by the Revolutionary Government of Spain and Man will not be allowed to enter under pain of death.

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