A commenter on the famed Breitbart website correctly summed up the Cohen issue very accurately…

“Exactly. This is being missed by literally every news station covering this. Even if there is a violation, it’s a fine. There is no there there.

As the one article said if anyone should be gone after it’s Clinton:
There is no question that hiring spies to do opposition research in Russia is a campaign expenditure, and yet, no prosecutorial raids have been sprung on the law firm, Fusion GPS or Steele. Reason: It does not “get” Trump.”


Yes this is it! Basically Trump and Cohen did nothing at all wrong. The people to investigate if it was a rational world at all, are the two hookers. All Cohen did wrong was being disloyal. Trump is white as fresh snow.


The comment above is the plain common sense of the oprdinary people who flocked to support Trump because in many things (but not the issue of Climate Change) in my honest opinion Trump talked nothing but common sense.


So here were two hookers who obviously saw an opportunity for blackmail. To save his wife and family much pain Trump did what is done in all these elections, he paid them to get rid of them.


Also he paid them out of his own pocket. What would Trump be doing digging into election funds. To the man it is pocket money.


And legally he can say he was doing it to save his family pain. Not to promote him to be president. But who cares. The issue was really the Fusion outfit, Christopher Steel and the Dirty Dossier fakery (as the commenter above so sensibly states).


But Meuller does not go there because Meuller is part of the Fascist side of the American state which is located among RINOS and in the Democratic Party. RINOS equals McCain, the Dems equals the Clintons.


Trotskyist dot org will defend Trump. We are not other than principled people as was Leon Trotsky (if anybody knows the history) and if you do not know the history be quiet.


In a future article we will look at the fascist/leftist site called wsws on this. What disgraceful people THEY are!


As Trotskyists we say Trump must now take control. Fire Meuller immediately. Fire Sessions also. Appoint in the place of Sessions anybody who will act. But Trump and Miller must take over the investigation and form a team around good honest people in Congress to investigate the Fusion, Christopher Steel and the Dirty Dossier. We would like to see Breitbart and Alex Jones being consulted in this. Facebook and Youtube must allow free speech and if they do not immediately promise take them over.

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