A judge of appeal freed Tommy Robinson. It is certainly a relief that Robinson is out of prison where he was in danger of assassination by Jihadists, who control some of the prisons in Britain. But the judge is part of the British ruling class so expect no favours to Robinson. The central issue remains the issue of “Open Borders” meaning “No Borders” and the position also of the British Establishment destroying British culture by a new and different culture. The judge is part of the Establishment, its highest rung. The Media also is part of the Establishment. Robinson was in their clutches so he could not help but address the judge. But Robinson was dead right in refusing to speak to the MSM as he made his way to his car. This all happened a few hours ago.


Where do we stand. We are the only left wing movement which defended Robinson unconditionally. We defend Robinson for one main reason…we are in agreement in broad terms with his opposition to Islam, and also to his opposition to the “Open Doors” policy. Robinson basically is on the Enoch Powell principled position and indeed that is our position also as a revolutionary socialist movement (we are Trotskyist and convinced that is the position also Trotsky and Lenin would take today if alive)


Robinson is basically a British working class guy caught up in these major events. The capitalist class drives to dictatorship which is really what the intake of a foreign and dangerous culture is all about. British and world capitalism IS the problem. So we ask Robinson to be very aware that many of those who say they support him are real haters of socialism, and HATE THE WORKING CLASS, and are in fact and in essence on the road to Fascism also. Roads to Fascism via different tracks. We will have more on this later.


Much has changed since Tommy was so evilly sent to prison from Leeds Court. Now in these few months the centre of the struggle is Spain. There the big issue is the Open Borders to “welcome” refugees from Podemos which is a Stalinist, Fascist leaning type of political group. But also involved is the whole Spanish ruling class which is selling out their country, and includes PSOE, Ciudanos and the PP itself. The latter PP tries desperately to change its position and cobble together some answer. The country is in uproar and divided. We will write much on this and seek a way to contact Robinson.

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