Felix Quigley adds…”An amazing and wonderful film by a film director who I adore. I have watched all his films. As I make clear below Zvi is Jewish and Israeli and once again shows the huge debt that liberationists owe to the Jewish people, to Judaism and Zionism. I say that as a Marxist and a Trotskyist”


So Zvi poses under a fake identity and speaking Arabic pays some 1200 euros for a passport, a Syrian passport, most important that Syria part of this situation (scam) as we will see.

From there to an interview on entering into Germany with that Syrian passport. His picture on the pasport but it is not his name. He has a new identity.

This is German immigration. To bring his wife and kids in will take 3 years. He will have to be in Germany for 3 years. But wait!

The immigration officer tells him there is another way!

If they are smuggled in then they are with him. And Zvi sums this up. Dozens can thereby join him all unexamined by the German state.

One further very important point Zvi makes. The ease with which he got the Syrian passport is down to Erdogan (his intelligence services know very well this is happening) and Erdogan plays a double game with the west.

Erdogan is presenting to the West (like to the US and Britain) well regulated refugee camps but this is only a cover for millions of Muslim refugees entering Europe and Erdogan maintains huge sway over these. Most powerful man in Europe is what Erdogan has become.

Erdogan makes much money for his country and without doubt for his own coffers due to the likes of Merkel paying billions to Turkey over the refugee supposed control. remember his brother made a fortune out of trading the oil with ISIS.

The whole thing runs on money which is also the God of the west, so making it very difficult to do anything about. Remember Jack Philby and the Saudi oil, and Britain.

The exchange between Zvi and this immigration officer over the Gaza issue shows that he is in fact Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated deeply.

Then it is on to the social worker and allowances with a home etcetera. As Zvi says it started in Erdogan’s Turkey and here he is in Germany with a fake Syrian passport and nobody has any clue who he is.

How many of these people entered into Ireland like this is a big question?

(I will write further on this very valuable video. The experience of Zvi on meeting with the two creatures who were secular in Syria named Yusuf and Ahmed is the most alarming part of all)

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