Paris Peace Conference 1919



Felix Quigley introduces the issue…

“The Jews of Israel inside of their very tiny Homeland called Israel have been attacked, that is an attack on the border of Gaza by tens of thousands of killer Jihadis shielding inside of women and children practised formations, even thereby using babies. The IDF of the Jews had to shoot to prevent a bloodbath. They killed some tens. But inside a day it was proven these were nearly all Jihadis. Then the Media fell silent. This poses a big problem and means we must have our own independent party with its own media outlet..that is we do it ourselves in support of the Jews we have to be independent first second and last”



When any of us on our website listen to any of the blogs, and I have listened to quite a few videos including by Owen Shroyer of Infowars, it is quite appalling the lack of knowledge on history that Owen has. This allows real dangerous types like “Syria Girl” (Mimi Al Laham) who he was conversing with to introduce the most dangerous conspiracy material. Owen had so little knowledge, and remember he is the main desk man for Alex Jones and Infowars, he became very close on many wrong and dangerously wrong issues to this demon “Syria Girl”. We must get our history right so these articles are an attempt at that. (if not removed is on



The Jewish sense of righteousness and the Arab sense of fraud

The question must first of all be asked who were and are the “Palestinians”? To answer pay attention to history. in this article we look at the lead in to the Mandate period

This date is important in this regard

638 – the conquest of Jerusalem by the armies of the Rashidun Caliphate (Islamic Empire) under Caliph Umar Ibn el-Khatab.
This also is important
661 – The beginning of the Umayyad Caliphate rule from Damascus following the assassination of the Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib.
687–691 – the caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan of the Umayyad dynasty establishes the Muslim shrine Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem at the site of the First and Second Jewish Temples, a site which according to Muslim tradition was the place where Muhammad ascended to heaven

From this I conclude that the Jews were a people not yet recovered from the Roman conquest of the first and second centuries where the Jews had fought the might of the Roman Empire and their armies at their peak. This is therefore significant “132–135 AD – The Bar Kokhba revolt takes place, the third major rebellion by the Jews of Iudaea Province against the rule of the Roman Empire. After the rebellion failed emperor Hadrian changed the name of the province from Iudaea to “Syria Palaestina” in order to complete the dissociation between the Jewish rebels to the region” ibid

There is also the significant factor following a pattern by the Arabs of building a Mosque on top of Temple or Church.

From the time of the Roman defeat the Jews were a people without a Homeland. The Arabs obviously we can take it moved in under those adverse conditions for the Jews.

The major changes in the world came about as a result of the defeat of the German forces in the First World War and the defeat of the Ottoman Empire forces who were allied with the German forces. The Ottomans were of course Muslim and the Arabs were also Muslim. Thus the Lawrence affair was a mere manouvre. The Arabs were allied with the Ottomands and were defeated. The Arabs and Ottomans were defeated. They were ont he defeated side in war.

it was in these conditions that it was thought that the Jews 1. deserved a Homeland of their own, just as say the Kurds today deserve to have a Homeland of their own and 2. that that Homeland should and would be in the ancient Jewish Homeland area.

Hence the Balfour Declaration which was incorporated quite specifically into the proposed LAW and passed LAW of the newly formed League of Nations.

It came under the rubric of the The Council of the League of Nations.

You will see that this incorporates the Balfour Declaration. It gives the Jews a Homeland of their own. It specifically rules out any concept of a Homeland for Arabs or others in that area of Palestine. Politely it talks about certain rights for the Arabs but which are NOT state rights. The Arabs in that area would NOT have a state of their own.

Read it all in detail in the following

“The Palestine Mandate
The Council of the League of Nations:
Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have agreed, for the purpose of giving effect to the provisions of Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, to entrust to a Mandatory selected by the said Powers the administration of the territory of Palestine, which formerly belonged to the Turkish Empire, within such boundaries as may be fixed by them; and

Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have also agreed that the Mandatory should be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 2nd, 1917, by the Government of His Britannic Majesty, and adopted by the said Powers, in favor of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country; and

Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country; and

Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have selected His Britannic Majesty as the Mandatory for Palestine; and

Whereas the mandate in respect of Palestine has been formulated in the following terms and submitted to the Council of the League for approval; and

Whereas His Britannic Majesty has accepted the mandate in respect of Palestine and undertaken to exercise it on behalf of the League of Nations in conformity with the following provisions; and

Whereas by the afore-mentioned Article 22 (paragraph 8), it is provided that the degree of authority, control or administration to be exercised by the Mandatory, not having been previously agreed upon by the Members of the League, shall be explicitly defined by the Council of the League Of Nations;

confirming the said Mandate, defines its terms as follows:

The Mandatory shall have full powers of legislation and of administration, save as they may be limited by the terms of this mandate.

ART. 2.
The Mandatory shall be responsible for placing the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment of the Jewish national home, as laid down in the preamble, and the development of self-governing institutions, and also for safeguarding the civil and religious rights of all the inhabitants of Palestine, irrespective of race and religion.

ART. 3.
The Mandatory shall, so far as circumstances permit, encourage local autonomy.

ART. 4.
An appropriate Jewish agency shall be recognised as a public body for the purpose of advising and co-operating with the Administration of Palestine in such economic, social and other matters as may affect the establishment of the Jewish national home and the interests of the Jewish population in Palestine, and, subject always to the control of the Administration to assist and take part in the development of the country.

The Zionist organization, so long as its organization and constitution are in the opinion of the Mandatory appropriate, shall be recognised as such agency. It shall take steps in consultation with His Britannic Majesty’s Government to secure the co-operation of all Jews who are willing to assist in the establishment of the Jewish national home.

ART. 5.
The Mandatory shall be responsible for seeing that no Palestine territory shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of the Government of any foreign Power.

ART. 6.
The Administration of Palestine, while ensuring that the rights and position of other sections of the population are not prejudiced, shall facilitate Jewish immigration under suitable conditions and shall encourage, in co-operation with the Jewish agency referred to in Article 4, close settlement by Jews on the land, including State lands and waste lands not required for public purposes.

ART. 7.
The Administration of Palestine shall be responsible for enacting a nationality law. There shall be included in this law provisions framed so as to facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jews who take up their permanent residence in Palestine.

ART. 8.
The privileges and immunities of foreigners, including the benefits of consular jurisdiction and protection as formerly enjoyed by Capitulation or usage in the Ottoman Empire, shall not be applicable in Palestine.

Unless the Powers whose nationals enjoyed the afore-mentioned privileges and immunities on August 1st, 1914, shall have previously renounced the right to their re-establishment, or shall have agreed to their non-application for a specified period, these privileges and immunities shall, at the expiration of the mandate, be immediately reestablished in their entirety or with such modifications as may have been agreed upon between the Powers concerned.

ART. 9.
The Mandatory shall be responsible for seeing that the judicial system established in Palestine shall assure to foreigners, as well as to natives, a complete guarantee of their rights.

Respect for the personal status of the various peoples and communities and for their religious interests shall be fully guaranteed. In particular, the control and administration of Wakfs shall be exercised in accordance with religious law and the dispositions of the founders.

ART. 10.
Pending the making of special extradition agreements relating to Palestine, the extradition treaties in force between the Mandatory and other foreign Powers shall apply to Palestine.

ART. 11.
The Administration of Palestine shall take all necessary measures to safeguard the interests of the community in connection with the development of the country, and, subject to any international obligations accepted by the Mandatory, shall have full power to provide for public ownership or control of any of the natural resources of the country or of the public works, services and utilities established or to be established therein. It shall introduce a land system appropriate to the needs of the country, having regard, among other things, to the desirability of promoting the close settlement and intensive cultivation of the land.

The Administration may arrange with the Jewish agency mentioned in Article 4 to construct or operate, upon fair and equitable terms, any public works, services and utilities, and to develop any of the natural resources of the country, in so far as these matters are not directly undertaken by the Administration. Any such arrangements shall provide that no profits distributed by such agency, directly or indirectly, shall exceed a reasonable rate of interest on the capital, and any further profits shall be utilised by it for the benefit of the country in a manner approved by the Administration.

ART. 12.
The Mandatory shall be entrusted with the control of the foreign relations of Palestine and the right to issue exequaturs to consuls appointed by foreign Powers. He shall also be entitled to afford diplomatic and consular protection to citizens of Palestine when outside its territorial limits.

ART. 13.
All responsibility in connection with the Holy Places and religious buildings or sites in Palestine, including that of preserving existing rights and of securing free access to the Holy Places, religious buildings and sites and the free exercise of worship, while ensuring the requirements of public order and decorum, is assumed by the Mandatory, who shall be responsible solely to the League of Nations in all matters connected herewith, provided that nothing in this article shall prevent the Mandatory from entering into such arrangements as he may deem reasonable with the Administration for the purpose of carrying the provisions of this article into effect; and provided also that nothing in this mandate shall be construed as conferring upon the Mandatory authority to interfere with the fabric or the management of purely Moslem sacred shrines, the immunities of which are guaranteed.

ART. 14.
A special commission shall be appointed by the Mandatory to study, define and determine the rights and claims in connection with the Holy Places and the rights and claims relating to the different religious communities in Palestine. The method of nomination, the composition and the functions of this Commission shall be submitted to the Council of the League for its approval, and the Commission shall not be appointed or enter upon its functions without the approval of the Council.

ART. 15.
The Mandatory shall see that complete freedom of conscience and the free exercise of all forms of worship, subject only to the maintenance of public order and morals, are ensured to all. No discrimination of any kind shall be made between the inhabitants of Palestine on the ground of race, religion or language. No person shall be excluded from Palestine on the sole ground of his religious belief.

The right of each community to maintain its own schools for the education of its own members in its own language, while conforming to such educational requirements of a general nature as the Administration may impose, shall not be denied or impaired.

ART. 16.
The Mandatory shall be responsible for exercising such supervision over religious or eleemosynary bodies of all faiths in Palestine as may be required for the maintenance of public order and good government. Subject to such supervision, no measures shall be taken in Palestine to obstruct or interfere with the enterprise of such bodies or to discriminate against any representative or member of them on the ground of his religion or nationality.

ART. 17.
The Administration of Palestine may organist on a voluntary basis the forces necessary for the preservation of peace and order, and also for the defence of the country, subject, however, to the supervision of the Mandatory, but shall not use them for purposes other than those above specified save with the consent of the Mandatory. Except for such purposes, no military, naval or air forces shall be raised or maintained by the Administration of Palestine.

Nothing in this article shall preclude the Administration of Palestine from contributing to the cost of the maintenance of the forces of the Mandatory in Palestine.

The Mandatory shall be entitled at all times to use the roads, railways and ports of Palestine for the movement of armed forces and the carriage of fuel and supplies.

ART. 18.
The Mandatory shall see that there is no discrimination in Palestine against the nationals of any State Member of the League of Nations (including companies incorporated under its laws) as compared with those of the Mandatory or of any foreign State in matters concerning taxation, commerce or navigation, the exercise of industries or professions, or in the treatment of merchant vessels or civil aircraft. Similarly, there shall be no discrimination in Palestine against goods originating in or destined for any of the said States, and there shall be freedom of transit under equitable conditions across the mandated area.

Subject as aforesaid and to the other provisions of this mandate, the Administration of Palestine may, on the advice of the Mandatory, impose such taxes and customs duties as it may consider necessary, and take such steps as it may think best to promote the development of the natural resources of the country and to safeguard the interests of the population. It may also, on the advice of the Mandatory, conclude a special customs agreement with any State the territory of which in 1914 was wholly included in Asiatic Turkey or Arabia.

ART. 19.
The Mandatory shall adhere on behalf of the Administration of Palestine to any general international conventions already existing, or which may be concluded hereafter with the approval of the League of Nations, respecting the slave traffic, the traffic in arms and ammunition, or the traffic in drugs, or relating to commercial equality, freedom of transit and navigation, aerial navigation and postal, telegraphic and wireless communication or literary, artistic or industrial property.

ART. 20.
The Mandatory shall co-operate on behalf of the Administration of Palestine, so far as religious, social and other conditions may permit, in the execution of any common policy adopted by the League of Nations for preventing and combating disease, including diseases of plants and animals.

ART. 21.
The Mandatory shall secure the enactment within twelve months from this date, and shall ensure the execution of a Law of Antiquities based on the following rules. This law shall ensure equality of treatment in the matter of excavations and archaeological research to the nationals of all States Members of the League of Nations.

(1) “Antiquity” means any construction or any product of human activity earlier than the year 1700 A. D.

(2) The law for the protection of antiquities shall proceed by encouragement rather than by threat.

Any person who, having discovered an antiquity without being furnished with the authorization referred to in paragraph 5, reports the same to an official of the competent Department, shall be rewarded according to the value of the discovery.

(3) No antiquity may be disposed of except to the competent Department, unless this Department renounces the acquisition of any such antiquity.

No antiquity may leave the country without an export licence from the said Department.

(4) Any person who maliciously or negligently destroys or damages an antiquity shall be liable to a penalty to be fixed.

(5) No clearing of ground or digging with the object of finding antiquities shall be permitted, under penalty of fine, except to persons authorised by the competent Department.

(6) Equitable terms shall be fixed for expropriation, temporary or permanent, of lands which might be of historical or archaeological interest.

(7) Authorization to excavate shall only be granted to persons who show sufficient guarantees of archaeological experience. The Administration of Palestine shall not, in granting these authorizations, act in such a way as to exclude scholars of any nation without good grounds.

(8) The proceeds of excavations may be divided between the excavator and the competent Department in a proportion fixed by that Department. If division seems impossible for scientific reasons, the excavator shall receive a fair indemnity in lieu of a part of the find.

ART. 22.
English, Arabic and Hebrew shall be the official languages of Palestine. Any statement or inscription in Arabic on stamps or money in Palestine shall be repeated in Hebrew and any statement or inscription in Hebrew shall be repeated in Arabic.

ART. 23.
The Administration of Palestine shall recognise the holy days of the respective communities in Palestine as legal days of rest for the members of such communities.

ART. 24.
The Mandatory shall make to the Council of the League of Nations an annual report to the satisfaction of the Council as to the measures taken during the year to carry out the provisions of the mandate. Copies of all laws and regulations promulgated or issued during the year shall be communicated with the report.

ART. 25.
In the territories lying between the Jordan and the eastern boundary of Palestine as ultimately determined, the Mandatory shall be entitled, with the consent of the Council of the League of Nations, to postpone or withhold application of such provisions of this mandate as he may consider inapplicable to the existing local conditions, and to make such provision for the administration of the territories as he may consider suitable to those conditions, provided that no action shall be taken which is inconsistent with the provisions of Articles 15, 16 and 18.

ART. 26.
The Mandatory agrees that, if any dispute whatever should arise between the Mandatory and another member of the League of Nations relating to the interpretation or the application of the provisions of the mandate, such dispute, if it cannot be settled by negotiation, shall be submitted to the Permanent Court of International Justice provided for by Article 14 of the Covenant of the League of Nations.

ART. 27.
The consent of the Council of the League of Nations is required for any modification of the terms of this mandate.

ART. 28.
In the event of the termination of the mandate hereby conferred upon the Mandatory, the Council of the League of Nations shall make such arrangements as may be deemed necessary for safeguarding in perpetuity, under guarantee of the League, the rights secured by Articles 13 and 14, and shall use its influence for securing, under the guarantee of the League, that the Government of Palestine will fully honour the financial obligations legitimately incurred by the Administration of Palestine during the period of the mandate, including the rights of public servants to pensions or gratuities.

The present instrument shall be deposited in original in the archives of the League of Nations and certified copies shall be forwarded by the Secretary-General of the League of Nations to all members of the League.

Done at London the twenty-fourth day of July, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-two.”

What is this source and is it reliable? The answer is very!
The Avalon Project is a digital library of documents relating to law, history and diplomacy. The project is part of the Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Law Library.

The project contains online electronic copies of documents dating back to the beginning of history, making it possible to study the original text of not only very famous documents such as the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, and the United States Bill of Rights, but also the text of less well known but significant documents which mark turning points in the history of law and rights.[1]


There was the First World War
The Ottomans with Arabs were on the losing side in this war
it was thought to give the Jews an Only Homeland
The place chosen was where the Jews had begun as a Nation
The Arabs had been late comers to this region, on the basis of Arab conquest, on the basis of supplanting Judaism by building a Mosque on the rjuins of the Temple (The Second Temple) (thus achaeological findings are supremely important)
Politely it was said that the Jews in building their Homeland should not repress the Arabs. But the idea of giving the Arabs their own state was totally foreign to the thinking of the winning Allied Powers.
In fact as the story unfolds fact by fact we will see that the Arabs proved to be Robber Bandits.
In other words it is one thing to proclaim as does Article 15 that there be freedom of religion, to which all decent people would agree fully with, to a position of calling for political power in and of an Arab State. The creation of such a state would have to be hewn out of the Jewish Homeland and would given Islamic proclivities lead to unending war.
If only that had been made clearer then what the British did next in creating Transjordan out of the Jewish Homeland area may have been avoided.

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It is a great day for all Jewish people and it is a great day also for our Trotskyist movement and our website Let me explain why.

The Jewish Movement is driven by the desire to return to its Homeland and this desire goes back thousands of years.

I belong to Ireland. My people are Irish. But I am feeling today a special bond with all Jewish people because there is a similarity between the Irish Experience and the Jewish Experience.

Our nations and nationalisms are very old and are very precious.

Both of our nations have met persecution.

This raises the issue of the “Palestinians”. I must place on record the position of our movement which is “”. The “Palestinians” are not a nationalism or nation at all or in any way. The “Palestionians” are a creation of world Antisemitism, of the BBC, of all the Antisemites in the world who want to kill Jews. Not all who defend the “Palestinians” are into the killing of Jews but that is the practical effect.

The Antisemites of the Arab and Muslim are also involved.

The “Palestinians” are all a creation of the antisemitism which has existed in the world from the beginning of history.

The “Palestinians” are a compression of history, that is the history of Antisemitism.

In that the Jihad of the Muslims is directed to making war against anybody who is not Muslim (in the Koran time after time) the “Palestinians” is the very weapon of the Jihad, ideologically its sharpest weapon.

I state as very dangerous any person involved in this Jihad. I also place as very dangerous any non Muslim who does not recognize the “Palestinians” as the tip of the spear aimed against the Jewish people.

I am talking Holocaust of the Jews.

Not everybody who is supporting “Palestinians” are supporting the Holocaust of the Jews. But that is the EFFECT of them supporting the Palestinians.

The very person who founded this “Palestinianism” was Hajj Amin el Husseini, mentor to Arafat and Abbas, who was also deeply involved in the Holocaust.

It is the aim of to make this latter material concerning Hajj Amin el Husseini known widely.

The defence of Jews and defence of Israel is a great issue. But it is connected in a million ways to every other issue. Just last week the British Government of May said they were planning to imprison for 6 years anybody who is “hateful” to Islam. So for May we cannot be hateful to the Nazis, we cannot be hateful to Islam. Both are equal and were equal in the personage of Hajj Amin el Husseini who murdered millions of Jews in the Holocaust of the Jews.

Connect the dots of history please!

Sobering thoughts on this great day of the American Embassy moving to Jerusalem.

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Today is May 5 2018 and it is exactly 200 years since the birth of Karl Marx.
Date of birth: May 5, 1818
Place of birth: Trier, Germany
Full name: Karl Heinrich Marx

Marx addressing First International

Marx with daughter Jenny

Marx and socialist friend and colleague Friedrich Engels

(Marx is the man who predicted the Russian Revolution) That revolution did not mean that communism and socialism were enacted at the stroke of a pen. There was a furious reaction to the Russian Revolution from the world capitalist class and Stalin was a prisoner of the ideology of that capitalist ruling class. This is an ideology which became known and is known as Stalinism. It became a deformed workers state until now it is no more. Lenin was poisoned slowly by Stalin. Trotskyism was nearly wiped out by Stalin and a Stalinist trained killer murdered Trotsky in his home in Mexico in 1940

In remembering Karl Marx today we also must remember Friedrich Engels (born Nov. 28, 1820, Barmen, Rhine province, Prussia [Germany]—died Aug. 5, 1895, London, Eng.)

These are great thinkers and great men. The names of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky live on and will live on.

In the first place they were total fighters of the mind, spirit and body.
This was exemplified for me in some reading around the assassination of Trotsky in 1940. People tend to concentrate on the August murder but on May 24 there was the gun attack on the house of Trotsky. Trotsky came within a hair breadth of having himself, his wife Natalia and beloved grandson Seva murdered at the dead of night. But the next morning it was remarked by many Mexican journalists present that the coolest people around were Trotsky and Natalia. Within three weeks he drew up his report on this, in other words there was not a moment of delay between that morning after the attack and his literary examination, always literary with Trotsky. This is outstanding. I have published this report, yesterday, and in the midst of such a situation the report is something of a marvel in its penetration of reality. The report was in fact living Marxism in those weeks of Spring 1940.

Without lengthy words, without bombast such as “Workers of the world Unite!” it is that quality this morning I want to stress.

Fight for a new world.

Since Donald trump announced that he was running for President he has stirred up an amazing hatred. Like the British reaction to the death of the more or less nonentity Diana this hatred for Trump takes some explaining. the reaction to the death of the nonentity Diana still has not been explained by anyone!

The American capitalist system for some decades had been run by what was an oligarchy of crime. Reagan had been to some extent an outsider also but in a peculiar way also part of the American system. Trump really was quite different, so far anyway.

Trump was an outsider in American politics. He was that himself but he also ran as part of the ordinary man to challenge quite openly in his speeches and demos the American oligarchy of the Clintons, the Bushes, the McCains, the Paul Ryans.

Trump challenged also vested interests, international interests, based in culture such as the essential FemiNazi movement. This is the origin of the clearly Fascist “We Too” movement.

Put it like this. Trump did throw down a challenge and was quite courageous in doing that. But this Fascism is a different kettle of fish entirely.

With the growth of Fascism is needed a new kind of leadership, one above all which can understand how the capitalist system will always morph into Fascism, which latter state of affairs can take many different forms (that is different to forms of Hitler, Franco or Mussolini)

It is not to hammer Trump in any way to suggest that he has great difficulty in understanding this new form of Fascism around “Me Too” and other such abnoxious sentiments (Black Lives Matter comes to mind…in fact all lives do matter)

The fact is that to understand something it is necesary to understand the “categories” of that subject. That is what Jordan Peterson perceptively understands.

Marx did not live under Fascism, nor did Engels, but Marxism is not static. Marx did though warn about the dangers FROM the lumpen proletariat.

It was the Marxist of the time when Fascism arrived on the scene who made his mark. Fascism is a category, a concept of thought which describes a living reality, and of course it was Leon Trotsky who did this in his writings of the 1930s, especially in relation to the role of Stalinism and the Popular Front politics of Stalinism, pure revisionism of Marx.
And in the massive writings on the rise of Mussolini, Hitler and Franco.
In that situation Trump is lost. I doubt he could put together a single sentence in that light. But the fact is do we have the right to turn our back on those writings of that category, of Fascism, of Trotsky in the 1930s.
I cannot do that here. I can only mention the NEED to do that for us to advance on any front and create a better world.


So the anniversory of 200 years today since the birth of Karl Marx raises those historical issues, above all an understanding of Fascism, and the need to understand what Leon Trotsky did actually write. On this special day of May 5, 2018 this is no longer a luxury, or to impress with how much we know, it is a life and death issue for billions and all living things, no less.



Esteban Volkov wrote a very interesting preface to “My Life” in 2004 and reprinted by

It deals with the assassination in 1940 but it also touches on the previous murder attempt on May 24 of that year which was just some three months previous.

I have rarely seen these events brought to life in such a real way. This is very revealing writing. Esteban Volkov is Seva of previous articles. His daughter Nora I have mentioned and have used a spelling “Volkow”.


“Leon Trotsky once wrote: “The locomotive of history is truth, not lies.” It is very important to re-establish the historical truth in the sea of confusion, falsifications and alterations within the framework of class struggle created by the oppressors and exploiters of the world in an attempt to maintain the status quo. The publication of a new edition of my grandfather’s autobiography, My Life, is an important step in establishing the truth.

It is entirely untrue that Stalinism and Bolshevism are the same. Having usurped power, the privileged caste of officials dedicated themselves single-mindedly to the task of annihilating Lenin’s Party. Stalin erected his dictatorship over the dead bodies of the leaders of the October Revolution. But one man remained to expose the crimes of Stalin and the bureaucracy.

For more than a decade, Stalin devoted unlimited economic and human resources to eliminate Trotsky. One by one, Trotsky’s supporters and family fell victim to the GPU murder machine. Finally, on August 20, 1940, the great revolutionary fighter, theoretician, and martyr, Leon Trotsky, died of the wounds inflicted in a cowardly attack by a Stalinist agent.

The writer of these lines, Sieva Volkov is the last remaining survivor, the last remaining witness of the last chapter of Leon Trotsky’s life in Mexico. I arrived in Mexico in August 1939 with the Rosmers who were close to Trotsky and Natalia, coming from Paris, where I had lived with Leon Sedov’s widow. It was a big change. I was 13 at the time when I arrived at the house – Vienna 19 – in Coyoacan, Mexico. I remember it as a small community and a big family.

In this small vanguard of Socialism, there was a tremendous atmosphere of work, solidarity, and human worth. That is how I saw it at the time. But now I can see that it was so much more: it was the barracks of the political struggle. Natalia and Leon Trotsky were surrounded by a group of young comrades from different nations, but mainly from the US. They were volunteers. And they participated in the house activities: guards, secretaries.

The house there was always a bustling hive of activity. They had not long moved from Frida’s house. The new house was half ruined and there was a lot of refurbishment needed. One of the qualities that must be brought out about Lev Davidovich was his great admiration for human labour. He did not admit privileges or distinctions of any kind. I remember a problem that happened in the house once with a septic well; Trotsky himself took up a pick and started the work of cleaning the sewage.

Everyone participated in the work. A Mexican comrade, Melquiades, built the chicken cages and the rabbit hutches. Alex Buckman, who was a professional photographer and an expert in electricity, installed the security system. The best photographic archive, and the last ones, were taken by Alex Buckman who died recently.

In the descriptions of the house that have been made elsewhere there have been many mistakes and falsifications. The house is frequently referred to as a fortress. In fact, it was not a fortress at all. We only had walls of a certain height and on the inside some wires were installed, which, if they were broken set the alarm off. Unfortunately, there were a lot of pigeons who did not know this, and those pigeons certainly gave us a lot of headaches.

Trotsky was very active and lively. He knew very well that his days were numbered, and he wanted to carry out as much work as possible in the little time left. He never forgot the political education of the comrades. And frequently there were meetings in the afternoon or evening in his office, where there were polemics and discussions.

One of the outstanding features of Lev Davidovich was his marvellous sense of humour, the interest he took in comrades, his human warmth; but at the same he was also very strict with norms and order. On one occasion a young American guard, Sheldon Hart, left the door open. Trotsky with a premonitory sense said that this mistake cannot be forgiven and that Hart himself might be the first victim. This warning proved to be only too true.

The Stalinist press in Mexico was always attacking and slandering Trotsky. Thousands of roubles were brought from Moscow and were distributed in a generous fashion to corrupt journalists. At the beginning of 1940 we saw an increase in the number of the slanders and attacks. Trotsky’s comment was: “It seems that these journalists are about to exchange their pens for the machine gun.” This laconic observation was soon proven to be correct.

On May 24 a gang of GPU assassins headed by the painter Alvaro Siqueiros entered the house. They took control of the house. One group took up a position behind a tree in front of the guardhouses. They established such a level of fire that the guards were unable to move. Another group went after LD and Natalia and they fired from three different angles with a Thompson into the darkness.

One of the assailants entered the room where I was sleeping and opened fire. Trotsky was sleepy as a result of the sleeping pills he had taken. His first impression was that this was some Mexican religious celebration with fireworks. But the smell of gunpowder and the closeness of the attack convinced him otherwise. It was a real miracle that Trotsky survived. This was partly because of the swift reaction of Natalia who pushed him under a table and protected him with her own body.

I remember when the attackers left we immediately heard Trotsky’s voice, and he managed to fire with his gun against the shadow moving through the canal near the house. Shortly afterwards all the members of the family met together with everyone else in the house. Trotsky was really euphoric at having escaped this assault on his life. I remember that shortly afterwards the telephone rang and Trotsky picked it up and started to swear. He obviously thought that these were his attackers trying to get some information. But there was one detail which made the mood more sober and that was the fact that Sheldon had been kidnapped by the attackers.

After the attack modifications were made to the house thanks to the help of the American Trotskyist party: iron doors, new windows, towers for the guards were installed…Trotsky was a little bit sceptical about the usefulness of all this work. He was convinced that the next attack would not be of the same kind. And he was right. No one could have imagined that Jackson, who was the partner of Sylvia Ageloff, without any political interests – a generous businessman, friendly to the guards, etc – was a GPU agent. Finally he managed to carry out the wishes of Stalin.

On the 20th of August I was coming back from school, walking along Vienna Street, which is quite a long walk. When I was three blocks away from the house I noticed that something was happening. I rushed to the house, full of anxiety. There were several police officers by the door, which was open. There was a car wrongly parked. I entered and I saw Harold Robbins, one of the guards, who was carrying a gun and was very agitated. I asked him: “What’s happening?” And he replied: “Jackson, Jackson…”

At first I did not understand and I continued walking. But when I entered the house I realised the awful truth. Natalia and the guards were attending to my grandfather. When Trotsky realised I was there, he told the guards to take me away. Even in those moments, he did not want his grandson to have to see what had happened. That shows the humanity of the man.

Later, I saw a man with two police officers with blood on his face. At first, I did not even realise it was Jackson. In their fury, the guards had beaten Jackson and Hansen actually broke his hand beating him up. Despite his terrible injuries, the Old Man still had the presence of mind to indicate that Jackson should not be killed. He was more useful alive. He must talk.

When I saw Jackson – Mercader he was in a very bad state, shouting and screaming hysterically. He caused a pitiful impression, more like a human dishrag than a man. When I think of the cowardly conduct of these great Stalinist “heroes”, I always mentally compare their behaviour with that of the Trotskyists in Stalin’s camps, who fought and died under the bullets of the GPU shouting “Long Live Lenin and Trotsky!” and singing the Internationale. This is the difference between conscious proletarian revolutionaries and the hired gangsters of the Stalinist counterrevolution.

To the very end the building of the revolutionary party, and a new International that would defend the priceless heritage of Marxism, Bolshevism and the October revolution, was uppermost in Trotsky’s mind. Some sentences that Trotsky made to the American comrades on the occasion of the foundation of the Fourth International come to mind:

“There was never a greater task on earth, our party requires from us that we give ourselves fully and as a whole. But in exchange it gives us the highest fulfilment. The consciousness that one participates in the building of a better future. And carries on one’s shoulders a particle of the hopes of humankind. And that our life will not have been lived in vain.”

The entire life of the revolutionist Leon Trotsky confirms these words. A life dedicated fully to revolution, and was finally sacrificed to the cause of the revolution. One big question comes to our mind. Was it worth carrying out the great revolution of October 1917? The October revolution ended up destroyed by Stalinism which in turn saw the death of tens of millions, as well as the annihilation of the great majority of revolutionary movements, helping the survival of capitalism in its most destructive and parasitical phase.

The answer is clear; there is no doubt about it. In order to take humanity out of the hell of capitalism and bureaucratic totalitarianism. In order to arrive at a new civilization, where mankind will no longer be used as value and occupy its rightful place. To achieve this no sacrifice will be too high or wasted.

I am not an expert in religion, but I think they contain a great truth. The existence of hell. The only little mistake is about its location. It is not underground but here on the surface, under the domination of the empire of private production and capital. In this hell lives three-quarters of humanity or maybe more. All the technological and scientific advances made are used to exploit the workers and the natural resources more efficiently. The big choice is between death by hunger, and death by smart bombs.

What failed in Russia was not socialism but only a monstrous totalitarian-bureaucratic caricature of socialism. Trotsky more than anyone else understood the role of bureaucracy as a brake on the revolution. In the last part of his life, which he considered the most important, he set about the task of building a new revolutionary vanguard, as well as continuing the fight against, and to unmask, the bureaucratic regime of Stalin. His struggle made the tyrant in the Kremlin tremble because of his courage, his unswerving determination to defend the authentic traditions and ideals of October. This made the assassination of Lev Davidovich the main task of Stalin.

Stalin and his executers have long since gone to the place where they belong – the chamber of horrors of the Nero’s and Caligula’s. The monstrous attempt of the Stalinists to extinguish the flame of world revolution, by assassinating its greatest defender, failed. Their ideas have been dumped in the refuse bin of history. But the ideas of Trotsky and of genuine Bolshevism live on and are more relevant today than ever.

I recall a comment that my grandfather made to André Malraux when the famous French writer asked him his feelings about death. Maybe Malreaux intended to unsettle my grandfather with such a question, and that he would be lost for an answer, but if so he did not succeed. Trotsky, in a calm fashion, said that death is not a problem at all when a man has fulfilled his purpose in life. In this short answer we see the essence of Trotsky’s outlook.

It would, I think, be fitting to end this brief preface to My Life with the last sentences of Trotsky’s testament.

” For forty-three years of my conscious life I have remained a revolutionist; for forty-two of them I have fought under the banner of Marxism. If I had to begin all over again I would of course try and avoid this or that mistake, but the main course of my life would remain unchanged. I shall die a proletarian revolutionist, a Marxist, a dialectical materialist, and, consequently, an irreconcilable atheist. My faith in the communist future of mankind is not less ardent; indeed it is firmer today, than it was in the days of my youth.

“Natasha has just come up to the window from the courtyard and opened it wider so that the air may enter more freely into my room. I can see the bright green strip of grass beneath the wall, and the clear blue sky above the wall, and sunlight everywhere. Life is beautiful. Let the future generations cleanse it of all evil, oppression, and violence and enjoy it to the full.”


Coyoacan, 10th May 2004.


If I can draw a few points out…I thought his point on death was very revealing

Trotsky, in a calm fashion, said that death is not a problem at all when a man has fulfilled his purpose in life.

I have seen it written that on the morning following the May 24 1940 Stalinist gang attempt to kill Trotsky, his wife and grandson Seva, as well as destroy his archive, that Trotsky and Natalia were the calmest of all the people there. And later this is most interesting…

Seva tells of how Trotsky after the shooting was in a high state of euphoria that he had escaped. The feeling comes across from Seva of a man totally engaged.

This also is interesting for a reason I will lead on to…

“On May 24 a gang of GPU assassins headed by the painter Alvaro Siqueiros entered the house. They took control of the house. One group took up a position behind a tree in front of the guardhouses. They established such a level of fire that the guards were unable to move. Another group went after LD and Natalia and they fired from three different angles with a Thompson into the darkness.”



The highlight was the analysis of this raid made by Trotsky which he published some three weeks later, but it is obvious he went to work in his investigative way at once without the slightest delay, as we see in his lengthy discussions with journalists about the attack. So to follow up the words of Seva writtin in 2002 as the preface to “My Life” I wish to turn to this. Seva is right. The attack by the painter Alvaro Siqueiros was highly professional. This comes across very strongly in the piece by Trotsky.

A kind of personal thing here…I have recently purchased a book by a Spanish independent politician in the Murcia regional parliament (I think I am correct in describing him thus although his Father fought on the Franco side) But his book tells the story of Santiago Carrillo, rather the lies of Santiago Carrillo, and it appears that Santiago Carrillo was a high up GPU operative and was in Mexico in the year 1940. I have no conclusive evidence. But it is possible that the darling of the Spanish pseudo left like Podemos, that is Carrillo, was involved in the murder in Mexico of Leon Trotsky.

But to return to the main subject of this evening…That report of Trotsky three weeks  following the May 24 attack by Siqueiros does indeed point to this possibility and that it is not so outlandish an idea to think that Carrillo was involved, and obviously more investigation is needed before we can declare hard and fast on the issue…

quote (This then is how Trotsky analysed it)…

I. A few weeks before the attempt the Mexican press was filled with rumors of a concentration of GPU agents in Mexico. A great many things in these reports were false. But the substance of these rumors was correct.

2. Very noteworthy is the exceptionally high technique. of the assault. The assassination failed owing to one of those accidents which enter as an integral element into every war. But the preparation and execution of the assault are astonishing in their scope, planning and efficiency. The terrorists are familiar with the layout of the house and its internal life; they are equipped with police uniforms, weapons, electric saw, rope ladders, etc. They succeed completely in tying up the police stationed outside, they paralyze the guards inside by a correct strategy of fire, they penetrate into the intended victim’s room, fire with impunity for three to five minutes, throw incendiary bombs and leave the arena of attack without a trace. Such an undertaking is beyond the resources of a private group. There is to be observed here tradition, training, great resources, and a wide selection of executors. This is the work of the GPU.

3. Strictly in accordance with the whole system of the GPU is the solicitude for switching the investigation to a false track which was included in the very plan of the assault. While tying up the police, the assailants shouted: “Viva Almazan!” These artificial and fraudulent shouts at night before five policemen, three of whom were asleep, pursued simultaneously two objectives: to distract, if only for a few days or hours, the attention of the coming investigation away from the GPU and its agency in Mexico; and to compromise the followers of one of the Presidential candidates. To kill one opponent while casting the shadow of suspicion on anotherthat is the classic method of the GPU, more exactly of its inspirer, Stalin.

4. The attackers brought along several incendiary bombs, two of which were thrown into my grandson’s room. The participants in the assault thus had in view not only murder but also arson. Their only goal could have been the destruction of my archives. This is of interest only to Stalin, inasmuch as my archives are of exceptional value to me in the struggle against the Moscow oligarchy. With the aid of my archives I was able, in particular, to expose the Moscow juridical frameups. On November 7, 1936 the GPU, incurring great risks, had already stolen part of my archives in Paris. It did not forget about them in the night of may 24th. The incendiary bombs are thus something like Stalin’s visiting card.

5. Extremely characteristic of the crimes of the GPU is the division of labor between the secret killers and the legal “friends”: while the assault was being prepared, along with the underground work of conspiracy, there was conducted an open slanderous campaign aimed to discredit the intended victim. The same division of labor continues after the perpetration of the crime: the terrorists go into hiding while their attorneys, out in the open, attempt to direct the attention of the police to a false trial.

6. Finally, it is impossible not to call attention to the reactions of the world press: newspapers of all tendencies proceed openly or tacitly from the fact that the assault is the handiwork of the GPU; only the newspapers subsidized by the Kremlin and fulfilling its orders defend an opposite version. This is an irrefutable piece of political evidence!

Leon Trotsky
Stalin Seeks My Death
Written:24 May, 1940
First Published: The Fourth International, Vol. 2 No. 7, August 1941, pages 201-207

In conclusion I will pull out just the one phrase for emphasis…

The assassination failed owing to one of those accidents which enter as an integral element into every war. But the preparation and execution of the assault are astonishing in their scope, planning and efficiency. The terrorists are familiar with the layout of the house and its internal life

In the most difficult of conditions possible it seems to me that this man was able to come up with a comprehensive awareness of what had happened, nearly losing his life, the life of his partner, the life of his very beloved grandson Seva, keep his mind and focus to come up with this (I think I am right to call) a masterpiece of investigation.

He is in fact pointing to the house already being cased out and is pointing to a spy or spies already inside the house. This was Sheldon Hart as well as Mercader who of course was engaged in his “courtship” of the poor Sylvia Ageloff.


Felix Quigley Says…It is just now 75 years since the murder by the Hitlerian Nazis of Sophie Scholl, her brother and friend. Our Trotskyist Movement “The Spark” do not want to let this date pass by and we remember this young German woman, a true model for girls and women in this time of fake women “libbers” who cover for Sharia Rotherham Britain. We do this as well because it is a vital part of our work to make it known how Leon Trotsky defended Jews and fought against Antisemitism and Fascism.




“Such a fine, sunny day, and I have to go,” 21-year-old Sophie Scholl lamented, before she was guillotined by the Nazis. “But what does my death matter, if through us thousands of people are awakened and stirred to action?” Scholl was a member of the White Rose, a small, anonymous group of mostly university students who hoped that by distributing leaflets and graffitiing public spaces, they could awaken complacent German intellectuals.

Seven months earlier in June of 1942, Sophie was sitting in a lecture hall at the University of Munich when she noticed a slip of paper under her desk. She picked it up and began to read, “Who among us has any conception of the dimensions of shame that will befall us and our children when one day the veil has fallen from our eyes and the most horrible crimes — crimes that infinitely outdistance every human measure — reach light of day?”

The mass deportation of Jews to concentration camps was now fully underway. As a child, Sophie had been a member of the girl’s branch of the Hitler Youth, but had been troubled when her Jewish friend was prohibited from joining. As Jud Newborn and Annette Dumbach explained in their book, Sophie Scholl and the White Rose, Sophie and her siblings — still under the sway of the Hitler Youth — often clashed with their father, an avowed anti-Nazi. One evening, walking along the Danube, he had turned to his children suddenly and hissed, “All I want is for you to walk straight and free through life, even when it’s hard.” Slowly, skepticism wormed its way in. Her alienation reached fever pitch in high school as nearly everything she learned was steeped in Nazi propaganda. Then her father was arrested when his employer overheard him calling Hitler “the scourge of humanity.” But reading the pamphlet, Sophie was conflicted. She had two brothers at the front, her father was in jail awaiting sentencing, and her mother was ill. Waiting to report anti-Nazi literature was a crime. She walked out of the lecture hall with the pamphlet in hand.

Sophie went in search of her older brother Hans, who was a medical student also at the University of Munich. He wasn’t in his apartment, so she waited for him there. She found a book by the German poet, Friedrich Schiller on his desk and began reading. One page in particular was covered in marks. The exact words she had read in the pamphlet were underlined. Sophie was terrified. Her brother must have had something to do with the pamphlet. When he returned, Sophie confronted him. He demurred. Two of his friends arrived, and eventually they told her the truth. Her brother and four others were a part of an anonymous resistance campaign. Sophie decided to join them.

For the next month, the group worked on their campaign. They bought stamps and paper from different post offices to avoid arousing suspicion. They collected quotes and copied them with a mimeograph. The second pamphlet read, “Since the conquest of Poland 300,000 Jews have been murdered, a crime against human dignity.” The third called for the sabotage of armament plants, newspapers, and public ceremonies, and the awakening of the “lower classes.” Rumors buzzed about the pamphlets. As the language of the pamphlets became increasingly explicit, the gestapo ramped up their efforts to find the perpetrators, arresting anyone at the slightest suspicion of collaboration.

In July, four members of the White Rose including Hans were ordered to spend their summer break working as medics at the Russian front. On their way, they passed the Warsaw ghetto and were horrified. Once in Russia, they understood that Germany was losing to the Soviets despite the fact that the Nazis claimed otherwise. When they returned home in November, they were emboldened, and the White Rose increased the number of pamphlets they were publishing. The group traveled by train to distribute the leaflets all over Germany. They wanted to create the impression that the White Rose was a vast network, that the public was behind them. When the Germans admitted their loss to the Soviets in February of 1943, some White Rose members went out at night and graffitied the words “Freedom,” “Down with Hitler” and “Hitler mass murder” on the city hall and other public places. They believed Nazi Germany might be crumbling, they just needed the people to realize it.

On February 18, Sophie and Hans brought suitcases full of the sixth pamphlet to the University of Munich and left them in classrooms and hallways, and on windowsills. They — some accounts say just Sophie — went to a balcony that overlooked one of the university’s main courtyards. As hoards of students streamed out of class, the pamphlets fluttered down from the sky above them.

The sixth pamphlet was the last. A janitor had seen Sophie and her brother, reported them, and shortly thereafter they were arrested. Sophie was interrogated for seventeen hours. Four days later, when she finally emerged at the “People’s Court” in the Munich Palace of Justice, she had a broken leg. As Kathryn Atwood described in Women Heroes of World War II, the courtroom was a bevvy of Hitler supporters. The judge launched into a tirade about how the members of the White Rose were weakening Germany. The defendants were not given an opportunity to speak. And then, suddenly, a voice called out. It was Sophie. “Somebody had to make a start!” she yelled. “What we said and wrote are what many people are thinking. They just don’t dare say it out loud!”

After she interrupted the judge several more times, Sophie, her brother, and another member of the White Rose were sentenced to death. On the back of her indictment, Sophie scrawled the word “Freedom.” Within hours, the trio were lead to the guillotine. From the executioner’s block, her brother shouted, “Long live freedom!” (In total, roughly 5,000 dissenters would be similarly executed.)

After the execution, a pro-Nazi rally was held at their university, and the janitor who had reported them was given a standing ovation.

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Thanks are due to Timeline above for this very good article.

The Young Socialists movement think that this is a very important issue.

  1. The German youth, the most educated, did fight against the Nazis
  2. But once Nazis take control of the state system it becomes ever more difficult
  3. Most people today do not understand the ideology of the Nazis which is Fascism. The word is widely misused.
  4. The person who wrote most clearly about Fascism was Leon Trotsky. In order to understand what Fascism is it is absolutely necessary to be familiar with the writings of Leon Trotsky on the subject of Fascism.
  5. Trotsky wrote about Fascism in general, literally defining Fascism, and wrote extensively on Fascism in Germany, in Spain (Francoism), and Italy.
  6. Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico (1940) by an agent of Stalin


The vital issue, the most vital issue, in carrying out an education programme is to create a branch of The Young Socialists and if you can do this we will help by writing articles like this.


Felix Quigley writes…Almost all of the Spanish youth, roughly 16 to 20 years old, were very aware of the danger of The Iberian Lynx becoming extinct. They felt deeply about it. But they were also lacking in vital knowledge about what was happening.


Yesterday I paid a visit to a Spanish City and spoke to some youth about the Iberian Lynx which has been threatened with extinction for at least about 50 years and is hanging on due to some fantastic help from really good people in Donana National Park.


These youth in Spain all showed that they are  extremely interested. Of course we in The Young Socialists cover every aspect of politics and not only or solely The Iberian Lynx. This latter point is very important to understand. We cannot simply in this world of capitalist system crisis and chaos deal with only one issue no matter how important, and the future of The Iberian Lynx is so important.


But interest is not enough. Nor is eagerness to learn and struggle enough either. It is also necessary to have knowledge and here many children and teenagers are being kept in ignorance. This is why is needed The Young Socialists of our movement which will discuss and eventually provide an answer and a solution to all questions.


In my talk to the youth of Spain I showed three pictures as visual aid. The first picture was very sad. It showed a dead lynx, or “lince” as they say in Spanish, bleeding from the mouth, lying on a road knoocked down by a speeding car as it tried to cross a road. The second Picture I had was a photo taken of some Spanish hunters having killed six foxes and displayed along with these foxes was one Iberian Lynx. As the hunters smiled this was a very sad picture. It happened during the “hunting period” of the Franco era when there was open season on all wild animals of the campo.


These two pictures were most serious and sad. But it was the third picture I showed which is the real knowledge how the lynx is becoming extinct. This picture showed the decrease in map form from 1900 to 1980 and into very recent years. It is here…








vital map representation showing decrease


There is only one real answer to what this map shows. It is the losing of habitat to the wild animal as capitalist agriculture invades


The Iberian Lynx will go instinct if that is not solved


Can you consider setting up a branch of The Young Socialists in your own situation and we will help you by means of these articles.




It requires revolution, to take the power from the capitalist class, and place that power in a Revolutionary Workers of Spain Government


It also involves Portugal. There needs to be a corridor of a certain width, perhaps 150 miles wide, which runs from the area of Donana National Park, up through the Cork Tree Area (Cork is no longer needed for wine) and until this sufficient “corridor for wildlife” reaches to the Atlantic in the very north of Spain and Portugal. This is the area for wildlife. Farming of any kind is not allowed. The only exception to that rule is some crops grown by man for use by The Wild Mediterranean Rabbit to help that creature increase in numbers.


This area will be guarded by the Revolutionary Government of Spain and Man will not be allowed to enter under pain of death.

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